Peter Dickson Lopez


  • Not only is he enormously talented and endlessly patient but also and above all contagiously enthusiastic when it comes to music.
  • Dr. Lopez is wonderfully friendly, witty, sincere and a caring human being. His personality is delightful. He is sensitive, flexible, respectful and admired by parents, students, and peers.
  • He developed a great rapport with the students and with the parents. The students showed excellent progress under his direction.
  • He is a very progressive, patient, and effective teacher that the kids enjoy.
  • [Peter] has been extremely patient with [our daughter]. She only has access to practice on a piano every other week and Peter has modified his teachings to accommodate her limitations.
  • My daughter has developed her skills both playing the piano and in terms of the theory side and thoroughly enjoys her lessons with Peter. He goes above and beyond.
  • Peter does not only have an extensive knowledge of music but he also knows how to integrate the theoretical aspect with the practical one.
  • [Peter] is enthusiastic and can pick out the needs of each child quickly. My husband was very impressed with how positive he is with the kids.
  • Mr. Lopez is ... a very accomplished pianist who knows how to translate talent into educating his students. He is also a very understanding and approachable person.
  • Peter really knows how to relate to children, recognize their individual strengths/weaknesses and motivate them in their piano study.
  • Peter is a GREAT TUTOR. He is very patient and knowledgeable.
  • He is a great mentor and really cares and thinks from my perspective.
  • Great Tutor for Finale Keyboard Interfacing and Recording ... (September, 2013)
  • Thank you for all your patience ...
  • We are truly fortunate to have met you ... You are the best!
  • Thank you for being such a supportive teacher ...

Welcome To My Online Diary!

(Ruminations of a Wandering Minstrel)

Here I publish content in the form of diary journal entries. I have intentionally chosen not to enable visitor comments or discussion threads. My intent is to release my views, writings, and philosophical meanderings in "pristine" form to allow the reader a "clean" view of my thoughts uncluttered by the potential bias of comments written by others.

I do not intend for my Digital Diary to be construed as "musical criticism". Rather, I detail within this Diary more of what might be described as an ongoing conversation with myself. Often times my reaction to a concert, music presentation, teaching, or other interactions with people serve as a spark that fires up a number of ideas which I feel compelled to put down in writing (my memory being not what it used to be). These are honest, unabridged thoughts which serve as a window into my aesthetics, values, and musical personality.

The only liberty I have taken is that I have removed references to specific people, organizations, artists, and the like. Not that I'm in the least bit concerned at this point in my life about other people's feelings in this regard per se, but knowing the petty vagaries, jealousies, defensiveness and delusions of artists and musicians in particular (I'm speaking of the prima donna syndrome) with the concomitant inclination for back-stabbing, I feel it best to remove these references for publication. Lest this be misconstrued as blatant duplicity on my part, I hasten to add that this approach is also consistent with my overall philosophy that the worth and validity of one's artistic work does not reside in how effectively one diminishes the work of others. But as an artist with strong values and instincts, it is also equally important, indeed required, to explore, at least within oneself, how one's views relate, compare and contrast with those of others. In the public domain, this expression is noted in the form of performance, but the writings here are my private thoughts which inform the essence of my expression in the public domain. Beyond this, the specific spark is not the significant talisman, but rather how the specifc event and my reaction to it opens up to a more universal consideration of music and culture.

My Digital Diary includes selected excerpts from my "traditional diary" in addition to onging thoughts and observations about music, culture, technology, religion and philosophy. For this reason, I also refer to the Digital Diary as my "ruminations".


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