Works for Ensembles

Ensembles Portfolio - Standard and Mixed

Standard and Mixed Ensembles

These are the composer's original autographs dating from 1979-1981. The composer is updating the originals to conform to standard size paper for publication as well as to enhance readability of the scores. The composer plans to subsequently prepare computer engravings of these scores. In the meantime, contact the composer for access to these autographs and instrumental parts prepared from these autographs.

New pieceS in this series are coming soon!

The composer's life work as represented on this site is a labor of love, and the composer very much appreciates your interest! 


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Ensembles Portfolio - Electroacoustic

Electroacoustic Works

These pieces combine acoustic instrumental resources with electronic elements. See also to the Electroaoustic Works page. Contact the composer for access to parts, sound files, and additional performance instructions.

New pieceS in this series are coming soon!